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Question 1: By Jessyb (Graham)

I need simple use for a few domains which will mainly use to run my agency website selling services and few promotional ones memes and quotes and stuff.

There will be nothing shady and nothing that is likely to require a massive amount of space.

I have one very large website which I will use until my existing website is set up on a new purpose-built platform for my UK sites.

If that’s a problem will keep it on the local host I do not intend to use it to promote and it can be prevented from being indexed if that would be an issue

I have been using Siteground cloud which, to be honest, has not been up to much for my ecom sites but that might be me trying to get away with a smaller server.

I think I light of the requirements and possibility of expansion and your low cost I need the fastest possible option does the size of server storage reflect this?

Your deals are good so any coupon plus the fastest server option. You can use my domain as the main domain if you need that that’s on Porkbun.

Please advise how much with a discount for my requirements.


Answer 1: By Youchamphost

One important thing to take into the consideration is you have to backup your cPanel data before migrate to another server hosting.

The cPanel might have included a few domains together.
You have to make sure which one of your domains is to be used for the primary/main domain, others would be add-on domains.

But our server can take a backup up to 5GB just using WordPress plugins like backupbuddy which many shared hosting have errors of using this plugin. So, you have an idea about your current domain used up how much server disc space/storage.

I think the 300GB shared hosting plan is good enough at the moment. And you can upgrade the plan in the future.

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Thank you


Question 2: By Jessyb (Graham)

I have signed up for the plan but not quite sure how to upload my website back to the server. I am not sure I can do the Cpanel save because my site is bigger than 5GB or indeed how to do it. Can you point me to a reliable way of doing it?

I am currently hosted at Siteground which I intend to leave end of month there are two large sites (actual identical) but I need to move them so I don’t lose them. There is also one other WP site which Is small and can just be copied and uploaded using Updraft I assume should work as Backup buddy?

If I can move them as one complete Cpanel that would be easier but I haven’t used the same domain as the Cpanel domain (will that be a problem).

Thanks for any help

Answer 2: By Youchamphost

For your case, it is better to use backup and restore for a domain, for me, I use backupbuddy.

It is not suitable to backup cPanel with a different domain. Because of the data safe on the main domain(public_html) will be restored back on the same location. So, the data is a totally different thing.

For moving the same domain on the old server to the new server, it is better using a separate backup and restores WordPress plugin like Updraft or backupbuddy whichever you find easier for you.

Guide for backup cPanel and backupbuddy, I did put in the message and sent to your email before.

Thank you


By Jessyb