Suspended Account/Domain

Breaking our TOS like Index Only site, Not Pointing To Our IP…

Index ONLY site

REAL Domain names ONLY. (Names must be registered Domains and point to our DNS/IP)

Please consider this before subscribing to our hosting.
We are building a long-term relationship using our stable and reliable hosting.
Hence, I would like to bring you into the attention that you must renew your domain before the expiry date.

According to one of our TOS.

  • NO “Index_of” sites. All sites must either have an under construction page or some kind of content. (index_of sites or just doorways for hackers so they are not allowed).
  • NO BLANK PAGES all sites but has some kind of content on them.

So, make sure your hosting domain always and remain pointing to our IP.
If not, the hosting account will be suspended and locked immediately without notice.

Reason: Index only pages are dangerous for servers. Hackers love them.
Our techs go through the server every so often to make sure there are no dead sites and or our TOS not being broken.

Please make sure your site is active or at least install a WordPress.

Consideration: If your client’s domain or your domain nameservers has pointed to our server, Please PM/Email to me, we will unlocked and make it active again.

01 Mar 31, 2019 Index ONLY site Waiting user reply
02 Mar 31, 2019 ONLY site Waiting user reply
03 Mar 31, 2019 gvshopfit.comIndex ONLY site Replied
04 Mar 31, 2019 estoreg.comIndex ONLY site Terminatted
05 Mar 31, 2019 dailykix.netIndex ONLY site Waiting user reply
06April 01, 2019healthdietz.comIndex ONLY site Waiting user reply
07 April 01, 2019 hollywood4u.infoNot point to our IPTerminatted
08 April 01, 2019 point to our IP Terminatted
09 April 01, 2019 instagramblitz.comIndex ONLY site Waiting user reply
10 April 07, 2019 multipotential.onlineIndex ONLY site Fixed
11 April 07, 2019 marketingservices.infoIndex ONLY site Fixed
12 April 08, 2019 smartjunky.comNot point to our IP Changed Domain
13 April 08, 2019 trendzflow.comNot point to our IP Waiting user reply
14 April 08, 2019 ultrapagina.comIndex ONLY site Waiting user reply
15 April 08, 2019 soulscoffee.comCPU abuseSuspended