Q: Does the server has any limitation on the inode/files usage?
A: No, as long as it is usable. Other words the site needs it to run.

Q: How about the Unlimited Traffic and Unlimited Storage
A: You(The client) agree to pay any and all bandwidth overage charges accrued on the clients account from the previous billing cycle. We reserve the right to suspend any account which does not pay bandwidth overage charges promptly. We are not responsible for spikes in bandwidth that are caused on a client’s service for any reason. Client assumes liability for all bandwidth to and from their services.

Storage (Disk Space)

Our concept behind “unlimited traffic” and “unlimited storage” is to provide our clients with an unlimited amount of storage space and bandwidth for active web pages and cannot be used as a “storage space” for electronic files. Sites that fall under “electronic storage” are LARGE archives of images, compressed files, backups, movies, or sound files. we allow up to 25 megs of archive storage, ex. movies, sound files (including real audio files), images, compressed files, Real Audio or Video archives, etc. To ensure proper use, all HTML pages MUST be hyper-linked to files (.HTML, .JPG, GIF, etc.) stored on our server.

Note: CGI chat scripts are also not allowed and are considered an abuse of unlimited bandwidth. Any CGI scripts that consume large amounts of CPU usage or memory are also not allowed. The user will be asked to remove any script that abuses system resources.

Q: Does the server enable allow URL open?
A: We do not enable allow_url_fopen=1, it is a security risk for shared servers, sorry!

Q: I cannot access my website or to my cPanel account via your IP.
A: Maybe your IP is blocked by our Firewall
To unblock, please provide your IPv4, use this site – https://whatismyipaddress.com/

My IP Address Is:
IPv6: 2001:e68:5442:341a:18a9:a9fc:f12e:ed96

Purpose: To unblock the IP from the Firewall
The reason for the block is as follows
csf.deny: xx.xxx.xxx.xxx # lfd: (cpanel) Failed cPanel login from xx.xxx.xxx.xxx (US/United States/ip68-104-172-203.ph.ph.cox.net): 5 in the last 3600 secs – Mon Mar 25 22:56:50 2019

Q: Do you have also step by step procedures for a reseller if I have a client bought in the hosting?
A: You have to learn by yourself. However, I will send you a simple guide to get you starting.